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Membership Info / How to Join

Group Membership (Affiliates)

Membership of The Natural Health Council shall be conferred, at the discretion of The Council, upon such natural healing registration boards/societies/associations and similar professional bodies or education providers incorporated in New Zealand whose members meet the standards of the Council, and who have completed the application form and forwarded it to the Administrator together with the membership fee as determined annually by The Council Executive.
Please contact Administrator for Affiliate Membership Application.

Individual Membership (Through Affiliate Association/s)

Council membership shall be automatically extended to all individual full members or interns of each member Affiliate, who have completed the application form and who have met the education standards of the Affiliate and are practising in New Zealand.

Medical Professionals Liability Insurance: Available only to qualifying members of Affiliate Association/s at discounted group premiums. Please note that the cover is not available to student members. This cover is highly recommended for professional protection. The policy has an annual renewal date of 01 April along with the annual membership subscription. The cover is for individuals only and it covers standard approaches of treatment through chosen modality/modalities.