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Group Membership (Affiliates)


Membership of The Council shall be conferred, at the discretion of The Council, upon such natural healing registration boards/societies/associations and similar professional bodies or education providers incorporated in New Zealand whose members meet the standards of the Council, i.e., minimum of a NZQA approved level 6 360-credit Diploma, and who have completed the application form and forwarded it to the secretary together with the membership fee as determined annually by The Council Executive.

Council membership shall be automatically extended to all individual full members or interns of each member Affiliate, who have completed the application form and who have met the education standards of the Affiliate and are practising in New Zealand.

Please contact Administrator for Affiliate membership application.



Annual Fees

Annual fees are as follows:

  • Group membership - depends on number of qualifying members in the group. Please contact us for further details.


Professional Indemnity Insurance


Available only to qualifying members of Affiliates at discounted group premiums. This cover is highly recommended for professional protection. The policy has an annual renewal date of 01 April along with the annual membership subscription. The cover is for individuals only and it covers standard approaches of treatment through your chosen modality/modalities. If you provide several types of treatment incorporating different approaches of medicine, please contact NHC for an individually catered comprehensive cover. Company cover can be provided, please contact NHC to arrange.


Existing Members

A new proposal form is required each year to renew the cover. Natural Health Council Inc. (NHC) will send the proposal form to renewing members to complete and return prior to expiry of the current policy period.


New Members
For new members looking to join during the year a proposal form will need to be completed and returned to NHC for acceptance. A reduced premium is payable for new members joining 3 months prior to expiry of the current policy period. If your proposal is accepted, cover will run from acceptance to the next renewal date of 01 April. Please note that the cover only applies to any activities that you were undertaking after the cover has been put in place. Any activities prior to this will not be covered.
If you are a new member wanting to apply for cover, please contact Natural Health Council Inc. A certificate of insurance will be issued by the Insurance company once NHC has processed your application and payment has been made.

The Limit of Indemnity is $1,000,000 any one claim with $2,000,000 in the aggregate per individual member per policy year. The policy excess is nil each and every claim. The cover is limited to claims resulting from practice within New Zealand only. The insurance package covers the following risks:

  • Professional Indemnity
    The policy provides cover where claims have resultedfrom or are alleged to have resulted from a breach of an insured’s professional duty. Negligence does not have to be proven for the policy to respond. The cover includes any associated legal defence costs.

  • Statutory Liability
    The policy provides cover for payment of fines or penalties incurred following accidental breach of a New Zealand statute such as the Resource Management Act, the Privacy Act, Fair Trading Act and most other New Zealand Statutes excluding nominated Acts which include Inland Revenue Acts and Armed Forces Acts. The cover includes any associated legal defence costs.

  • Public Liability
    The policy provides cover for claims arising out of accidental property damage or bodily injury to a third party which occurs during the course of your business activities.

The following is additional cover which you can include with your insurance programme and can be selected on the proposal form when applying for cover.

  • Treatment of Animals
    Cover is available for the treatment of animals including stud and bloodstock. An excess of $2,000 each and every claim applies if this option is taken and an extra charge will apply for this cover given it poses a higher risk element.

  • Employers Liability
    An option is available to members who employ staff to cover liability associated with work related accidental injury to an employee where cover is not available through ACC. Cover is available for a successful suit by an employee for damages. The additional premium required for this policy is $17.00 plus GST per employee (Minimum premium per annum $52.00 plus GST).


  • Professional Indemnity,  Statutory  and  Employers Liability policies are ‘claims made’ policies. This means that it is the policy in place at the time you become aware of a claim or circumstances that will respond. Not the policy in place at the time the actual event occurred. This is subject to the retroactive date on your certificate. The retroactive date is usually the date you had cover incepted for the first time. The policy in place at the time of a claims arising out of business activities performed after that date. Provided you have had continuous cover in place year after year, your retroactive date will remain the same on your current policy.
  • Territorial Limit is the location in which you operate. The cover is limited to a territorial limit of New Zealand only. If you undertake work outside of New Zealand, please advise.
  • Jurisdictional Limit is the court of law a claim can be heard in. The cover is limited to a jurisdictional limit of New Zealand.
  • Automatic Reinstatement means the Limit of Indemnity if it is exhausted within a policy period will be reinstated for that period. This ensures that cover will still be maintained for any new, unrelated claims that occur within that policy period up to the limit of indemnity and provided they do not either individually or combined exceed the aggregate specified on the certificate.


Claims Procedure

In the event of a Claim or circumastance please contact your own Affiliation or NHC for a Claims Guide.



Natural Health Council Constitution

Click here to download the Association Constitution