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Group Membership (Affiliates)


Membership of The Council shall be conferred, at the discretion of The Council, upon such natural healing registration boards/societies/associations and similar professional bodies or education providers incorporated in New Zealand whose members meet the standards of the Council, i.e., minimum of a NZQA approved level 6 360-credit Diploma, and who have completed the application form and forwarded it to the secretary together with the membership fee as determined annually by The Council Executive.

Council membership shall be automatically extended to all individual full members or interns of each member Affiliate, who have completed the application form and who have met the education standards of the Affiliate and are practising in New Zealand.

Please contact Administrator for Affiliate membership application.



Annual Fees

Annual fees are as follows:

  • Group membership - depends on number of qualifying members in the group. Please contact us for further details.


Professional Indemnity Insurance


Available only to qualifying members of Affiliates at a substantially discounted group rate. Highly recommended for professional protection. Please apply for this option directly to the Natural Health Council.

Limit of Indemnity is $1,000.000 any one claim with $2,000,000 in the aggregate per individual member per policy year. The policy is not subject to claims excess.

Please contact the Administrator to request the latest insurance application form.

Natural Health Council Constitution

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